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    Our vision

    LiliWork is a program that enables you to keep your job while travelling, living and working in different cities around the world, as part of a unique cultural and community experience.

    Program participants are called “LiliWorkers”.

    LiliWork enables selected participants to live an exceptional experience together, leaving each month to discover a new place in the world. Dedicated teams organize every detail of the trips, so that all LiliWorkers can make the most of their time spent in every destination.

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    The composition of our Team

    The group is accompanied throughout the stay by LiliWork staff and various stakeholders.

    • A dedicated facilitator is present throughout the program, including during transfer flights between destinations. Our facilitators speak English and another language depending on the majority of the group, for example Spanish or French…
    • Local guides who know all the tips, tricks and tools to help our participants live as locals and understand safe areas of the city. A briefing is organized for each destination to understand its customs and habits, do’s and don’ts, as well as the city’s security protocols, current political events and views on diversity.
    • A support team available 6 days a week.
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